Mindful Yoga. Yoga voor vrouwen

elke Vrijdag   |   20:00 - 21:00 uur   |  

Mindful Yoga is a class for women, taught in English that has been designed for ultimate relaxation before the weekend starts...

This is the ultimate opportunity to de-stress your mind & body; enter a state of blissful relaxation and enjoy the ride. You will learn a range of techniques including, restorative & calming yoga poses, yogic breathing (pranayama), Yoga Nidra & relaxation. You also will learn how to step into the present moment and to enjoy it!
 After this yoga class you will be ready for a restful sleep & a lovely weekend... 

This class has been designed this class is for women who:

+ Struggle to find time to be present
+ Struggle with worry, stress, overwhelm, anxiety or depression
+ Would like to learn how to "let go" more easily
+ Would like develop more kindness towards themselves
 + Would like to improve their quality of sleep

Location: 't Strandpaviljoen Noordzeestraat 20, 3522 PK Utrecht
Day: Fridays 
Time: 20:00-21:00

All classes are conducted according to the RIMV guidelines

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vr 18 september 2020
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Maximum aantal deelnemers: 10

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